Korean Interior Design Inspiration

Korean Interior Design Inspiration

No country or culture can be defined by one style of design. However, the region where a design grows up, learns, and lives can certainly influence his or her style. In this post, we explore selections from the portfolio of Jung wook Han, a Seoul-based interior designer who draws inspiration from traditional Korean aesthetic ideals as well as contemporary design theory. The one thing that each of these spaces has in common is a celebration of natural light - whether through the use of gauzy white curtains and large windows or stunning modern skylights. Have a look inside these beautiful modern spaces and get inspired to create your own sunny retreat.

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When you can escape into the luxury of a good book, you don’t need anything else to enjoy yourself. But this space, with its floor to ceiling bookshelves and ample sunny spaces to curl up on a cool day would be the ultimate escape for any book lover. The color palette is simple and warm, letting the books themselves really take center stage.

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Books can provide a certain type of sustenance, and for the rest this space offers this cozy bistro-style kitchen, complete with its own chalkboard A-frame.

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One of the great things about the designs showcased here is that the designer has taken the time to show the versatility of different spaces. For instance, the lofted area here is shown as a bedroom, workspace, and another cozy reading nook. By simply shuffling around some light furniture, it is easy to create any of these configurations depending on your mood.

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  • Designer: Jun wook Han
Jun wook Han has also created many beautiful kitchen designs, including this modern offering. With a white color palette, the creative and brightly colored kitchen accessories are allowed to pop. This modern kitchen utilizes space efficiently so that even though it is not among the most spacious, it feels every bit as open and liveable as a much larger gourmet space would be. A simple natural wood dining table with a matching bench is a cute yet modern finishing touch.

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  • Designer: Jun wook Han
Of course, the minimalist look of a modern white kitchen is not right for everyone. In this final space we see the glory of a fully equipped cooking space with every design element carefully chosen. From a vintage-inspired refrigerator to a folding bistro table and butcher block countertop, this kitchen is warm, cozy, and just a little bit quirky.

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Sunlight filters in through bright, pretty windows and the entire tenor of the room can change just by swapping out fiestaware for neutral ceramics. With simple barstools and plenty of chopping room, it’s really a kitchen where families can meet, cook, snack, and chat.

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